12 th  Annual        

Union Junction Jamboree                 

September 23, 2017  Food Court Application

Application Deadline:  September 11 2017

Special Early Bird Application only $25.00 if received by

August 21 2017

Business Name__________________________________________________________

Contact Person__________________________________________________________
Mailing  Address_________________________________________________________   


Phone#_____________________________   email_____________________________

 Description of the foods/beverages offered:  ______________________________________________________________________________________


If you have a printed menu please attach.

What is the exact size of your tent or trailer?  ______________

If larger than 12 feet you must pay for a large space.

Is your concession set up in a   q  tent or   q  trailer?  

q 12 X 12 foot space  $35.00       q  12 x 18 foot space  $50.00     

q  Electricity  $10.00

Do you need electricity?   q  Yes      How many amps?_______      q No

Some extension cords will be provided from the breaker box but please bring a heavy duty cord for your use.

 All vendors will be set up in a paved parking lot of an office building.  Picnic tables will be near by.

We plan to have only one vendor for each type of food item.  Our hope is for all to have a successful day.

I plan to set my booth up   q Friday. night after 6:00 PM            q  Saturday morning by 9:30 AM

Payment Information

 ________ Early Bird @ $25.00 (Received by Aug. 21, 2017)                    ___________

                ______       12 X 18 space $35.00                                                 __________

 ________  12 X 12  Space @ $35.00 (Received by Sep. 11, 2017)=          __________

                 12 X 18 space @$50.00   (Received by Sep. 11, 2017) =             _________

  ____        12 X 12 Space @ $50.00   Received after Sep. 11, 2017)         __________

                  12 X 18  Space @ $65.00    Received after Sep. 11, 2017)       __________       

   ____       Electricity @  $10.00              =                                                 ____________

Total Fee Enclosed                                                                         $_______________________

Please make check payable to City of Union Point w/ Union Junction Jamboree on for line                      

Mailing Address     Union Junction Jamboree    P.O. Box 233,

Union Point, GA    30669

Vender Agreement

I do hereby release and forever discharge the 2017 Union Junction Jamboree Steering Committee and the City of Union Point, its agents, servants, successors and assigns and all other persons, firms and corporations, from any and all actions, causes of actions, claims, demand, damages, costs, loss of service, expenses and compensations, which I may acquire or may accrue, arising out of any events taking place September 23, 2017 or other wise connected with the 2017 Union Junction Jamboree.

I have read all the Union Junction Jamboree rules and agree to abide by them.